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Send Memphis music around the world!

Empower Memphis artists as ambassadors for our city

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Make Memphis a city of choice for musicians.

Music Export Memphis was founded on two core beliefs.

First: music makes cities better. It drives economic development, it attracts new talent, it creates vibrant communities.

Second: musicians choose to live in cities where there are opportunities.

In Memphis, we’re lucky to have an incredibly rich musical heritage and a low cost of living, two things that attract artists to move here. We believe that opportunities – like those available through Music Export Memphis – are key to keeping them here. And when they stay, our city – everyone in our city, not just those in the music community – stands to benefit.

When you support Music Export Memphis, you make Memphis a city of choice for musicians. You affirm our city's rich, living, breathing cultural tradition as a music city. And you support the growth of a thriving music economy and one of the most innovative organizations supporting music ecosystems in the United States.

Here's a snapshot of how your gift powers Memphis musicians:

$150 – or just $12.50 monthly – pays for an order of stickers or koozies for a musician through our Merch Fund, which requires them to spend money with a Memphis business. The funds stay in the Memphis, and the artists bring in more revenue from merchandise sales on the road.

$250 – or just $21 monthly – goes directly to a solo artist as a stipend for performing at a MEM showcase around the country in front of industry, media and fans through our Experiences program.

$500 – or just $42 monthly – provides a tour support grant to a solo singer-songwriter touring regionally through our Ambassador program. Ambassadors use these funds on gas, van rentals, or even hotel rooms – giving them a real night’s rest that they can’t get crashing on a couch or floor.

$1,000 – or just $83 monthly – provides a tour support grant to a 4- or 5-piece band on a national tour through our Ambassador program.